First Focus Calls for Child Advocates in Immigration Reform

First Focus has just released an article noting how the House GOP fails to adequately protect children in their stated immigration reform principles. In particular, First Focus calls for legal representation and Child Advocates for all unaccompanied immigrant minors. First Focus’s article is accessible in full here, and reproduced below:

GOP Immigration Reform Principles Fall Short for Kids

By Wendy Cervantes

On January 30, 2014, the House GOP released their principles on immigration reform. The principles emphasize border security, tougher enforcement, reforms to the immigration system, and a pathway to citizenship for those who entered as children. While the principles are a step in the right direction for kids and families, they fail to reflect several other points in the principles for children in immigration reform that were endorsed by over 200 organizations last year. Below are some key areas where the House GOP principles miss the mark for children and can be improved: