Jenner & Block

We have great news! On October 1st the Young Center became its own independent non-profit organization, separating from our parent organization of nearly a decade. Thank you to our Board member, Richard Levy, and an outstanding team of Jenner & Block attorneys who provided their invaluable expertise and countless hours of pro bono time to make this happen: Joe Smith, Grant Schweikert, Carrie Apfel, Emma Sullivan, Pete Rosenbaum and Tony Ling. This incredible team of attorneys performed a Herculean feat, negotiating the separation, drafting contracts, and providing counsel on the many tasks necessary to spin off from a fiscal sponsor. Ten years ago, we were a staff of one person, based in Chicago. We’re now more than 30 employees in eight offices across the country. Given the organization’s size, it was a daunting effort that couldn’t have been accomplished if not for the committed and tireless team of lawyers at Jenner & Block.