MPI Infographics – U.S. Immigrant Populations

U.S. Immigrant Population by State and County

This map displays the geographic distribution of immigrants in the United States by country of origin.* Hover over a state to get the total foreign-born population and doubleclick on a state to get top county estimates. Use the dropdown menu under the map to select a particular country or region of origin. To deselect, click outside the U.S. map. When a state is selected, counties within the state are ranked. (By default, the initial view shows a list of top counties for the entire United States). To return to original view, click the home icon on the left. And for Alaska, first zoom out the map view (click the minus sign).



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U.S. Immigrant Population by Metropolitan Area

Use the dynamic map below to instantly display the metropolitan areas in which large number of immigrants resided during the 2009-2013 period.* The colors represent the immigrant share of the total population for the metropolitan area, and the bubble size reflects larger concentrations of immigrants

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