Jairo Villalobos Jairo Villalobos

Jairo Villalobos is the Operations and Legal Manager for the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights. After graduating from Richard J. Daley College in 2010, he transferred to Yale University to complete his undergraduate studies. At Yale, Mr. Villalobos worked for the Human Research Protection Program where he researched, identified, and analyzed federal and university regulations regarding human research studies to detect and correct protocol deviation(s) to ensure the highest ethical standards. Mr. Villalobos earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2013 and joined The Young Center soon after. At the Young Center, Mr. Villalobos manages and improves various operational components of the organization from the case management database and computer software utilization to accounts and processes for criminal and child abuse background checks for child advocate volunteers. Moreover, Mr. Villalobos works to ensure that the organization is in compliance with several regulations in all states the Young Center currently operates.